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How to sell courses on Eduflow
Activity settings, Completion rules, and Visibility rules
How to hide an activity from learners
How to set up conditional certificates
Examples of custom learning paths with the course data rule
Export all data
Placeholder variables
Embed activity
How to change or cancel your plan
Download all reviews
Getting started with Eduflow
Course landing page
Institution dashboard
What's an active user?
How to automate external surveys with Zapier
Admin overview page for the institution
Course dashboard
Roles and permissions
Preview course with test learners
How to make edits to a Quiz that already has learner responses
Custom code
Group member review activity
Course library
Inviting participants to your institution
Making your .csv file ready for import
Inherit peer review allocation
Rich-text editor
How to upgrade or change your plan
Create new institution with Google authentication
Assistant role type
Visual customization & branding
Download all submissions
Activity cover photos
Inviting instructors to a course
What does "Unassigned" mean?
Connect Eduflow to thousands of other apps with Zapier
Summary page
How to view learner output (submission, review, and reflection results)
Removing learner work
How to export a course's summary data
Manual allocation for peer review
How to copy a course of someone else
Copy activities and flows
How to use subsetting in Eduflow
Feedback reflection activity
How to make your course public
What type of files can learners upload?
How to set prerequisites
When and how to use tags in Eduflow
Inviting learners to your course
How the review quality score is calculated
Adjust individual learner settings and rules
How a quality score is calculated in a rubric
How to create and edit a reflection rubric
How to create and edit a feedback rubric
How to impersonate a learner
Review allocation - how reviewers are allocated with smart allocation
Share your course with other instructors as a template
Course template gallery
Creating a section or flow
How to delete a learner
Deleting a course
Copying a course
Changing the course thumbnail
Archiving a course
Showing or hiding the activity description for locked activities