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How to hide an activity from learners
How to hide an activity from learners

How you can change the visibility rules to make an activity hidden from learners

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You can hide activities and make them invisible to learners by using the visibility rule based on user type. Learners won't see the activity on the course sidebar.

How to hide activities from learners

To hide an activity from learners, open the settings menu on your activity page. Select Visibility, then choose + Add rule and select User type. From the list of participant types, toggle off the option for Learner.

You will see when the rule is Saved. You can leave the settings menu and see that the icon of an eye with a line through it appears next to the course title on the course sidebar, and the top of the page indicates "Activity hidden from learners".

What the learner will see

Learners will see the rest of the course content, but they won't see the title of the activity in the course sidebar.

Want to see your course from a learner's perspective?

Examples of when to hide activities from learners

There are many situations where you may want to hide activities from learners, including:

  • Instructor remarks: Share information solely with other course instructors.

  • Teach assistants: Share information with assistants, such as specific instructions or deadlines for giving reviews.

  • Save a style guide: Create a style guide for how to display specific content, and you can copy and paste the style into new course pages as you create, allows you to consistently design your course.

  • Instructor review activities: These activities are not relevant to learners, and are only meant to be used by instructors or assistants to add reviews.

  • Share a quality assurance rubric with other course facilitators: You can use tables in the rich-text editor to make a rubric to check on the course materials and communicate about parts that have already been checked or tested.

  • Editing a page while a course is live: You can duplicate an activity page and make edits at your own pace. Hiding the activity that you're editing can reduce confusion for learners if you're editing while learners are viewing your course.

Additional options for hidden activities

With visibility rules, there are multiple options for how to hide activities. While using the directions in this article will hide the activity from learners indefinitely, you can also choose to customize the way that you make activities visible to learners.

Visibility rules allow you to reveal content on a specific date, open the flow to learners based on tags, user type, or by manually selecting them. You can also set prerequisites as well as preset a date and time to hide the activity from learners. Below is a list of all the visibility rules.

When using a visibility rule, the activity will not show in the course sidebar for learners until the activity is open and ready to complete for the learner.

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