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How to set up and use the Form activity

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Create a form combining multiple question types and have learners submit it. Download the results for each learner. Learners complete the activity when they submit the form.

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How to create a Form activity

To add a Form activity to your course, simply click on the + Add new button in the course sidebar and click Form. A new Form activity will get added to your course with a pre-made text question.

Editing a form

To edit your form, click on the Edit form button. You are now able to add and edit questions for your form.

To edit a question, simply click it and the question will switch into edit mode. You can now perform the following actions:

  • Edit the question text

  • Delete the question

  • Duplicate the question

  • Change the question type

  • Change question settings

To add a question, click on the + Add new button or any of the + buttons in-between questions. This will show give you an overview of the available question types.

How learners submit a form

Learners will see the form directly on the activity page. When the activity is ready to complete, learners are able to answer the questions and submit the from.

Allow learners to edit their form answers

By default, it's possible for learners to submit and edit their form responses. If you want to lock the learners' answers, you can disable the editing of form answers in the form activity settings. Simple uncheck the "Learners can change their form answers after they have submitted" option.

Form results

To see your form submissions, scroll to the bottom of the activity and click on View submissions. This will take you to an overview of all the form submissions. The overview will show you an aggregated view of answers to each question. If you wish to see individual learner responses, simply select them in the sidebar.

Export the form results

If you wish to export the results of your form, you can do so by clicking the download button in the form results interface. This will create a .csv file and send it to your email.

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