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How to sell courses on Eduflow
How to sell courses on Eduflow

An overview about how you can use Eduflow to sell courses

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After creating courses on Eduflow, it's easy to set up e-commerce with a few steps and tools. In this way, you can charge learners for access to courses you create.

While Eduflow does not include a native way to charge people for your courses, you can use tools such as Shopify, Gumroad, Stripe, and more to process the payments.

Using the integration with the automation tool, Zapier, you can completely automate the process. This means that users will

  • See your public course landing page

  • Click to pay for the course

  • Be guided through the payment process on your tool of choice

  • Automatically become enrolled in your course

This video shows how you can sell your Eduflow courses using Gumroad. Enjoy!

When you're ready to start a plan with Eduflow, you can see a full walkthrough of the steps here.

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