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Checklist activity
Checklist activity

How to set up and use a Checklist activity

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The Checklist activity allows you to create a checklist for your learners. Learners can check each line item as they complete it, and once all items have been checked, the activity will automatically complete for the learner.

How to add a Checklist activity to your course

  1. Click the + Add new button on the bottom left of your course

  2. Under Activities, select Checklist

  3. On the Checklist activity page, you can edit your title and content to describe the checklist, which will appear below for your learners

  4. On the bottom of the page, edit the text for the items in the checklist

  5. Add additional checklist lines by clicking + Create new or with the shortcut Control + Enter on Windows or Command ⌘ + Enter on Mac.

How the Checklist activity works

When learners use a Checklist activity, they can click on each checklist item as it's completed. As learners check off each item, they will see a visual progress bar showing their progress through the items on the checklist. They will also see the percent of checklist items they have completed.

Once each checklist item has been checked, the activity status will automatically change to Completed for the learner, and they will see a visual indication to move to the next activity.

Screen capture of the checklist activity. Each list item is being completed, and the progress bar follows the progress.

How instructors can review learner progress for checklists

Instructors can view the progress of learners from the activity page and the summary page.

Activity page

On the activity page, instructors can see the number of total responses and select View responses to see individual learner data.

Instructors will see learners on the left side menu. Below the learner's name will be an indication of the status of the checklist progress, including

  • Completed

  • Percent completed (i.e. 25%)

  • Not started yet

Instructors can select the learner to see details of the checklist items have been completed.

Summary page

On the Summary page, instructors can select Metadata to see data on how many checklist items have been completed and the completion data and time of the activity.

💡Tip: Use checklists to help learners complete tasks or as an "I agree" consent checkbox.

Completion & Visibility settings

You can use completion and visibility settings to add specific rules for who can view and access this activity, including setting deadlines and prerequisites. You can see details about these rules here.

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