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How to automate external surveys with Zapier
How to automate external surveys with Zapier

Set up an automation with Zapier and with a survey provider, like Typeform, to mark an activity complete in Eduflow automatically.

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With a Zapier integration, you can create automated workflows from triggers in other tools to mark activities complete in Eduflow. This means that you can have a learner complete a form, which will trigger an automated task to mark the activity as complete in Eduflow. This article will demonstrate how to set up a Zap so that an activity automatically completes after a form is submitted by the learner in Typeform. This process can also be applied to other survey tools, such as SurveyMonkey.

Note: The Zapier integration is available on Eduflow Plus plans and above.

To take full advantage of this, you need:

  • 1) A Plus plan or higher on Eduflow ($249 / month)

  • 2) A Zapier license ($20 / month)

  • 3) A Typeform plan ($29 / month)

These instructions assume you have already created a survey in Typeform and an activity in Eduflow.

1) In Zapier, create a Zap from a Trigger. Select the trigger "New Entry in Typeform" (or whichever form tool you are using).

2) Make an action step where you use Eduflow and pick the "Mark Activity as Complete" event.

3) Set up the action. Pick the relevant course and activity. For the "Student Email" field, select the email from the survey in the trigger step. This will ensure that the automation will mark the activity as complete for the correct learner.


  • The email that learners write in the survey must match the email they used in Eduflow - otherwise, the activity cannot complete. Consider user error, such as typos or when learners write their personal email vs a work email.

  • The learners can complete the activity on their own without completing the Typeform by clicking "Mark this activity as complete" on the bottom of the page in Eduflow.

We are currently working on solutions to both of the above challenges (as of November 2022). If you are looking to require that the learner completes the survey before another activity (such as before earning a certificate), you can use these steps to make the survey required:

  1. Make another activity (a Content activity) and call it "Answered survey". Make it hidden from learners.

  2. When learners fill out the survey in Typeform, create two actions: one to complete the Typeform activity itself, and one to complete the hidden "Answered survey" content activity.

  3. Set the "Answered survey" activity as a prerequisite to the next activity. If you use the "Answered survey" activity as a prerequisite for the next activity (such as a certificate activity), then you get what you want. The learner can't complete the hidden activity on their own since it is hidden.

We are also currently working on a new Form activity which should make it possible to run surveys in Eduflow without requiring the use of an external tool.

Until then, happy surveying!

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