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Bulk tagging learners with Zapier
Bulk tagging learners with Zapier

Use Zapier's Transfer feature to bulk tag your Eduflow learners.

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Zapier’s Transfer feature makes it possible to tag learners from information in a spreadsheet. Watch the following video or review the steps below to learn how it works:


1. Make sure your learners have been added to the course. You will be connecting their email addresses between Zapier and Eduflow.

2. Create a tag in your Eduflow course.

3. Create a spreadsheet with a column for email addresses. This example uses Airtable, but other apps like Google Sheets can also be used.

4. Open Zapier and click on the Transfers tool. Then, click on New Transfer.

5. Set your source as your spreadsheet app. For this example, we are using Airtable.

6. Set Eduflow as the Destination and select the Add Tag to Learner action.

7. Connect your source app with Zapier and select your data source.

8. Connect your Eduflow account with Zapier and select your course. Here, you can choose the tag you need to assign to learners and the column that Zapier will use to match email addresses in the spreadsheet and those in the course.

Note: You can only use tags that you have already created in your Eduflow course. It is not possible to create tags using the Transfer feature.

9. Zapier will show you a sample of entries that you can use to confirm that your fields are mapped correctly. Continue if the data looks correct.

10. Review the data that will be transferred from your spreadsheet to the course. When you are ready, you can click on the radio button on the top left side of the table and select all of the rows for transfer. Then, click on the next button.

11. Click on “Send data” to initiate the transfer. This may take some time, depending on how many entries you would like to send at a time.

12. Navigate to your course and confirm your learners have been tagged.

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