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Adding a Turnitin activity to your course
Adding a Turnitin activity to your course

A guide for instructors to add plagiarism detection for your Eduflow Submission activity

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You can add plagiarism detection to Submission activities through Turnitin if you have a Premium account with Eduflow that includes Turnitin integration.


Contact your IT and let them know that you'd like Turnitin enabled for your Eduflow integration. Your institution will need to complete this setup process before instructors are able to start using Turnitin.

How to use Turnitin within your course

These instructions will help you connect a Submission activity and a Turnitin activity to allow you to use Turnitin to detect potential plagiarism in the writing that learners submit. Learners will submit a file, and Turnitin will analyze the text for possible plagiarism. It is best to set up both activities completely prior to sharing with learners.

  1. Add a Submission activity to your course.

  2. Add a Turnitin activity to your course.

  3. Go to your Turnitin activity's settings page and select your submission activity as a source.

  4. Restrict to Turnitin compatible file uploads (optional) — Turnitin only allows scanning certain file types. If you wish to only allow learners to submit files that can be scanned for plagiarism, go to your Submission activity's settings, go to Formats and restrict your configuration to:

    • Check File

      • Check Only allow learners to submit certain files

        • Word and text files

        • Slideshows

        • PDF

        • Spreadsheets

    • Uncheck other unsupported attachment types: Google drive, Link, Text Editor, Video

    Word and text files work best.

Allow learners to see similarity reports

While the Turnitin activity is hidden from learners by default, you can allow your learners to see their Turnitin similarity score and launch the similarity viewer. To do this:

  1. Open Turnitin activity's settings in Eduflow

  2. Set Hide activity from learners to Off

View results as an instructor

As learners submit work, results will appear on the Turnitin activity submission page.

Instructors may see any of these possible results:

  • Scores (shown in green or red)

  • "No similarity report yet"

  • "File type incompatible with Turnitin"

  • "Has not accepted EULA"


Higher percentages are shown in red and indicate more similarity with data in Turnitin's databases, which means higher chances of plagiarism have been detected.

Lower percentages are shown in green and indicate less similarity with data in Turnitin's databases, which means there is less likelihood of plagiarism.

"No similarity report yet"

The document hasn't been uploaded to Turnitin yet, or is still processing.

If you find this is the case, you can impersonate the learner to verify the submission is submitted and a valid file type. If you feel the result should have a score but doesn't, contact Eduflow support.

"File type incompatible with Turnitin"

The document submitted by the learner does not match Turnitin's eligible file types.

"Has not accepted EULA"

The learner making the submission must agree to Turnitin's EULA on the submission activity page by clicking a checkbox to "Allow plagiarism detection". If not, the file cannot be processed by Turnitin.

Learner's view of a Submission activity with Turnitin integrated


Plan ahead
For the best results, configure your Turnitin activity before your Submission activity begins.

Consider running a demo course with learners of your own and impersonating learners in order to test your Submission activity and Turnitin activity so you can make any adjustments until your activities work as expected.

Limit file types
We highly recommend limiting the types of files that learners are permitted to submit to avoid the issue of the file being incompatible with Turnitin. To do this, go to your Submission activity and limit file types to File Uploads. Then, select only those which are eligible for Turnitin. See Turnitin's File requirements documentation on

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