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Setting up a Turnitin integration
Setting up a Turnitin integration

A guide for IT personnel to offer plagiarism detection for their institution's Eduflow courses

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Integrate with Turnitin's plagiarism detection service to automatically scan submissions for plagiarism. This integration requires your own license to Turnitin's service and a Premium Eduflow subscription with access to the integration. Please reach out to learn more via our in-app chat support.


From Turnitin

Valid Turnitin license including Core API

Contact your Turnitin account manager and let them know of your interest in integrating with Eduflow. They can make sure your organizations Turnitin license license has the right features enabled.

Custom API score and key
See Turnitin's help page on Creating an API scope and key (

From Eduflow

Premium plan with Turnitin integration enabled

Contact Eduflow support via the intercom bubble on the bottom right if you are not sure if your plan includes this integration.

Institution owner or administrator-level access
If you do not have this, ask your institution administrator or owner to invite you. Alternatively, have them add the API URL and Key as referred to below.

Setting up Turnitin on your Eduflow institution

You should have a Turnitin API Key and API URL. For more information on this, see Creating an API scope and key.

  1. As an institution owner or admin, go to your institution dashboard.

  2. From there, go to Settings Integrations

  3. Toggle Turnitin on. If you run into an issue here, please check the requirements. You may need to contact support to enable Turnitin.

  4. Once toggled, click on Configure.

  5. Once there, you can add your Turnitin API key and Turnitin API URL:

  6. Click Test connection

7. If you see the Integration test successful message, the integration is set up correctly.

Next steps

Once your integration's connection is operational, you can test your integration by creating an Eduflow course with a Submission activity and attach a Turnitin activity to it. This is important for verifying that things are working as expected.

Do you need more help?

If you run into any technical issues setting up Turnitin, please feel free to reach out to support.

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