The Embed activity allows you to embed anything into Eduflow as a learning activity. Your learners will be able to interact with the embedded content without having to leave Eduflow.

Screenshot of Eduflow with a Mural embed

To use the Embed activity, you need to copy an embed code from the site you want to embed.

For example, the form too Reform uses the following type of code which can be embedded in Eduflow's embed activity.

<div id="my-reform"></div>

<script id="reform-script" async src=""></script>

Reform('init', {
url: '',
target: '#my-reform',
background: 'default',

Standard and wide view

The Embed activity offers two width options โ€“ standard and wide.

Screenshot of Eduflow with the width option highlighted

This toggle specifies how much space the embed will take up on the page. The standard view is contained to the activity description area while the wide option takes up all available space in the activity page.

Aspect ratio

You also have the option to set the aspect ratio of your embed. By default, the embed is set to 16:9 which is the aspect ratio for most videos. However, if you're embedding things that would benefit from a different aspect ratio, you can change it. Below is an example of an embedded PDF document with an aspect ratio that respects the tall format.

Activity completion

Learners will click a "mark as complete" button in order to complete embed activities.

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