Roles and permissions

Description of the roles in Eduflow and their permissions

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Eduflow has the following roles:

  • Institution level

    • Institution owner

    • Institution admin

    • Institution instructor

    • Institution learner

  • Course level

    • Course owner

    • Course instructor

    • Course assistant

    • Course learner

Institution level

Each user added to an institution has an "institution-wide" role. Everyone added to a course is automatically added to the institution. Adding someone to the institution does not automatically enroll them in any courses.

Institution owner

Can manage everything in the institution. Can see and edit all courses in the institution. Has the ability to change subscription/billing settings.

Institution admin

Same permissions as the owner, except that they can't change billing settings.

Institution instructor

Can only see the courses they are added to and courses in the course library. Can create their own courses which they become course-owner of.

Institution learner

Can only see courses they are invited to, and courses added to a course library.

Course level

Within a course, users have course-level rules. The reason there is two levels of roles is that people who are instructors in some courses might be learners in other courses.

Course owner

Creator of the course. Can edit and delete the course.

Course instructor

Can edit the course.

Course assistant

Assistants see the course as instructors, but with limited access. See more on

Course learner

Can participate in the course as a student/learner. They can't edit the course.

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