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How to edit your course landing page to share publicly or in the course library

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If your course is set to be publicly available or if it is included in your course library, it will have a course landing page. The course page contains a description, a course outline and additional information about the course.

How to edit a course page

1. Go to your course.

2. Open the context menu button in the sidebar next to the title of your course.

3. Select Course settings.

4. Select the Page tab.

5. Click on Edit page.

6. Add your description and additional information to the course in the provided text areas. You can add text, images, tables and video - similar to the rich-text editor available on course activity pages when editing.

💡Tip: You can change the "Enroll now" button. Instead of enrolling a learner in the course, you can change the button text to indicate a different action and change the button to go to any link you choose.

For example, if learners need to complete an application to your course, you can change the button text to "Apply now" and link your application. You could also change the button to link to an ecommerce tool to have users pay you directly for access to your course.

Still want learners to be automatically enrolled in your course? Consider setting up an automation with the Zapier integration.

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