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How to set up a course library for your institution

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The course library feature makes it possible to curate a selection of courses from your institution and display them in a gallery. Users can browse the library and enroll in courses on demand.

Screenshot of the course library

How to enable the course library

The course library feature can be enabled by institution admins in institutions with a Plus plan or higher.

  1. Go to the Institution dashboard.

  2. Click Settings in the sidebar.

  3. Click Course library in the navigation.

  4. Enable the course library by clicking the toggle.

Screenshot of the Course library tab inside institution settings

The course library is now available to all users within the institution and is accessible as a tab on the user’s home page.

How to add sections and courses to the library

To edit your course library, click the Edit course library button from within institution settings or go to the course library tab on your home page and click the Edit button to the right. The course library is now in edit mode.

Screenshot highlighting the Edit button in the course library

Start by clicking the + Add new section button and give your section a title. Select the courses you would like to include in the section from the courses selector.

Screenshot showing the section editor in the course library

When you’re done setting up your sections with courses, click Finish editing. The course library is now back in preview mode. This is how users within your institution will see the course library.

Editing the course page

Each course has a course page that contains a description and a course outline. You can access the course page by clicking on a course from the library. To edit the course page, click the Edit page button in the header to the right. You now have the option to add a course description and information below the course thumbnail.

Screenshot showing a course page

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