Unfortunately you cannot change the default language of Eduflow from English to any other languages. Due to the way it's build, Eduflow does allow you to add most of the content yourself. You can write any information in the language you prefer to make the assignment accessible for non-english speaking students as well.

To give an example, Eduflow is being used by a Norwegian business school that delivers both in-person and online classes with Eduflow in both English and Norwegian. (https://www.eduflow.com/blog/how-bi-uses-eduflow).

If you are interested in using Eduflow in another language, we recommend you to vote on this feature request in our public roadmap.

Our product team looks at all feature requests we get and spends a lot of time researching and working on new features. By voting on this idea, you will receive updates on it's process and it helps us determine when/if we should prioritise this.

For any other questions please feel free to reach out to us on our support chat!

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