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As you might have noticed, we don't have a dedicated mobile app for Eduflow. However of course it should be possible to use Eduflow on your smartphone or mobile device.

Our product team optimised our user interfaces to work on smaller screens, which makes it possible to use Eduflow on smaller screens.

Add Eduflow to your homescreen on your iOS or Android device so you can quickly and easily open Eduflow while on the go.

This will create an Eduflow app icon that will open up Eduflow without any browser chrome taking up space from the screen.


  • Can you engage in a peer review session while using Eduflow on a mobile device?

    Yes! For the best experience we recommend to hold your phone in landscape mode. To access the peer feedback rubric, swipe right when viewing the submission that you're allocated to.

  • Can you record and submit your video from your mobile device?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to record and submit a video from within Eduflow when using your mobile device. We recommend to record your video with your phone or mobile device outside of Eduflow, afterwards you can select your video recording as a file from your device's video library in the submission activity.

    If your submission activity doesn't allow you to upload a file, we advice you to either reach out to your instructor or to record your video while using Eduflow with a desktop or laptop.

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