If you're the owner or an admin of the institution, you will have access to the institution dashboard.

You can find this dashboard by clicking on the 'home' icon on the top left corner of your screen.

When you click on the home icon, this will open up your institution selector modal. If you're part of multiple institutions in Eduflow, you can switch to another institution here.

To go to your institution dashboard, select '[your institution name]'s dashboard', or use this link: app.eduflow.com/institution/

What data can you find and what can you do from your institution dashboard?

  • See the number of active instructors and learners across your institution

  • View the file storage across your institution

  • Invite admins, instructors or learners to join your institution.

  • View your plan details, upgrade your account, or change your subscription details

  • Get API access (Pro & Premium)

  • Change the branding & theming of your courses (Pro & Premium)

  • Create your custom subdomain (Pro & Premium)

  • Set up SSO for your institution (Pro & Premium)

Your institution dashboard has 4 different context menu's, we will cover these in detail below.

Institution Participants

You can find your institution participants list via this link: https://app.eduflow.com/institution/participants

From the participants tab you find a full overview of all participants (admins, instructors, assistants, learners) that are enrolled in your institution.

This tab will also show you when participants have been active last. Learners are counted active for 30 days since their last interaction with Eduflow. Would you like to learn more about how we count learners as active? Please have a look at his article.

  • Invite participants to your institution

    From your institution dashboard you can invite people to join your institution. This is the place to invite other institution admins and instructors.

    You can also invite learners to join your institution. Please note that inviting learners to your institution, does not automatically give them access to any courses. Learners should get an invite to each specific course in order to participate. Learn more about inviting learners to courses here.

  • Remove participants

    If you want to remove a participant, select the 3 little dots next to their name, and select 'remove':

Institution Courses

You can find your institution courses list via this link: https://app.eduflow.com/institution/courses

From the courses tab of your institution dashboard you can find a full overview of all courses that are created by the institution owner, admins and instructors related to the institution.

From this page you can:

  • View which instructors are instructing which courses

  • View how many learners are part of any course in your institution

  • Filter courses based on instructor

  • Filter courses based on number of learners

  • Access courses created by instructors of your institution

Institution Subscription

You can find your subscription tab via this link: https://app.eduflow.com/institution/subscription

From your subscription tab you can upgrade to one of our paid plans, or change your current plan details.

If you are on one of our paid plans you can also find all your past invoices here, and see when your subscription is expected to renew or expire (in case you cancelled your plan).

In this article you can learn how to change or cancel your plan.

Institution Settings

You can find your institution settings tab via this link: https://app.eduflow.com/institution/settings

In this menu you'll find the following settings:

  • General

  • Zapier & API

  • Logos & theme

  • Custom domain

  • SSO

General Settings

In the general tab you can change the name of your institution, decide who should and who shouldn't have access to Eduflow's support chat.

Zapier & API

If you are on a Pro or Premium plan you can activate your Zapier integration. With the Zapier integration you can connect Eduflow to a lot of other tools you might use.

Learn more about our Zapier integration here.

Logos & theme

If you are on a Pro or Premium plan you can customise your institution here, upload your own logo and set a custom theme.

Learn more about visual customisation & branding here.

Custom domain

From this tab you can request your own custom subdomain (yourcompany.eduflow.com). Please talk to us on support if you are on a Pro or Premium plan and want to set up your own custom subdomain.


If you're on a Premium plan with SSO, you can allow your users to log in with their existing credentials and makes user provisioning easier and more secure.

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