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Setting up an Okta Tile
Setting up an Okta Tile

An Okta Tile allows your employees to log in to Eduflow directly from your setup.

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Setting up an Okta Tile requires your institution to be on a plan that supports SSO.

If you're not on such a plan, you can instead create a bookmark linking to inside Okta. In that case your employees will not be logged in via Okta.

First, go to your Okta domain <organzation> – then go to the admin area inside Okta by clicking the "Admin"-button in the top right corner

Then inside the admin area, open "Applications" foldout in the menu on the left and click "Applications"

On the Applications-page click "Create App Integration"

In the modal that pops up select "SAML 2.0" and click Next

Then on the next page "2. Configure SAML" input the following:

For Single sign on URL use the ACS URL given to you by Eduflow support staff.

Leave Use this for Recipient URL and Destination URL checked.

Leave Allow this app to request other SSO URLs unchecked.

For Audience URI (SP Entity ID) use the Entity ID given to you by Eduflow support staff.

For Default RelayState leave it blank.

For Name ID format leave it unchanged on "Unspecified".

For Application username leave it unchanged on "Okta username".

For Update application username on leave it unchanged on "Create and update".

Then for Attribute Statements add the following 4 entries:


Name format



URI Reference



URI Reference


URI Reference



URI Reference


The Group Attribute statements should be left empty. Then click Next.

On the next page select "I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app"

Then in the form that appears leave App type and Contact app vendor unchecked.

You do not have to answer any of the following text questions either, but if you want you can paste the link to this help page in the first field.

Then click "Finish".

That's it! You can now assign users to this app, in order to make it available to them.

Allow employees to add the tile themselves

If you'd like your employees to add the app themselves to their Okta dashboard, go to the Eduflow app that you've added in Okta and click "Assignments"

On the "Assignments"-tab click the "Edit"-button in the "Self Service" box on the right.

In the modal that pops up select "Yes" for Allow users to request app. Leave Note for request blank, and select "Not required" for Approval, and then click Save.

Then go to the "Self Service" menu item under the "Applications" in the left-hand side menu

On the Self Service-page click the "Edit"-link in the User App Request box:

Then check the Allow users to add org-managed apps box and click "Save".

That's it – your employees can now add Eduflow to their own Okta dashboard.

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