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A guide on how to view analytics for your course

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The course dashboard makes it possible for instructors to add and edit useful data visualizations. The dashboard can be accessed by going to your course ➜ Summary ➜ Dashboard.

Adding visualizations to the dashboard

The course dashboard shows two visualizations by default — activity completion and active learners in course. If you want to add other visualizations, click the + Add visualization button in the left side of the toolbar. You will now see a page with visualizations that can be added to the dashboard.

We currently offer 4 different visualizations that can be added to the dashboard. Each visualization is described in detail below.

Activity completion

The activity completion visualization shows the completion rate of activities in your course. The visualization can filtered based on tags, and customize to only show certain flows or activities in your course. The filter will be persisted for all instructors in the course.

Active learners in course

The active learners in course visualization shows the number of active learners across a 30 days time period. This chart has the same filter options as the activity completion chart.

Rubric question insights

The rubric question insights visualization shows an a bar chart for scale and yes/no rubric questions. Once the chart is added to the dashboard, you can select a review activity and scale and yes/no rubric questions to get a distribution of answers.

Event log

The event log shows a table with all events from all users in the institution. The event log can be searched and filtered based on which users you want to see data from.

Reorder & resize visualizations

In order to reorder and resize your visualizations, either click the Reorder & resize button in the top left toolbar or open the context menu for a visualization and click Reorder & resize.

Screenshot showing the reorder & resize buttons

Once you've clicked the button, it will be possible to drag n' drop visualizations and drag visualizations from the bottom right corner in order to resize it.

Renaming visualizations

Visualizations can be renamed by clicking the context menu in the top right corner and clicking Rename. Edit the title of the visualization and click the blue checkmark button.

Deleting visualizations

Visualizations can be removed by clicking the context menu in the top right corner and clicking Delete. Confirm your action and the visualization will be removed from your dashboard. You can always add it again later.

Suggesting visualizations

If you want to suggest visualizations that we should add to our dashboard feature, please send an email to [email protected] with your suggestions.

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