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Troubleshooting video recording submissions
Troubleshooting video recording submissions

Having trouble screencasting or webcam recording? Try these things first

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Are you running into an issue when recording your screen or making a webcam recording from within Eduflow? Use these steps so can figure out if the problem is with your device or your account.

There are a few ways to get unstuck.

Depending on your submission settings set by your course instructor, you can upload your own video file made through your system recording and editing software.

1. Reset microphone and camera permissions

As of Google Chrome version 99 there are a few ways

Afterwards you will be prompted to reload the page (you can also "hard refresh" to page without cached files)

2. Reload the page, aka "Refresh"

Windows and Linux: F5 or Shift + r

Mac: ⌘ + r

3. Reload ignoring cached content, aka "Hard refresh"

This will reload the current page, ignoring cached content

Windows and Linux: Shift + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + r

Mac: ⌘ + Shift + r

4. If no content is saved, clear the attachment

If you never recorded, uploaded, or submitted, you can skip directly to clearing the attachment, then resume the steps from here.

5. Use the most version of your browser

Eduflow works best with the most up to date browsers. Updating can bring in new fixes and features and eliminate issues entirely.

6. Install the most recent operating system updates

These include bug fixes, including ones that can affect the hardware and processes relating to recording video and sound.

7. Try incognito mode

This sometimes achieves the equivalent of flushing cache and disabling extensions.

  1. Copy your existing URL

  2. Open incognito mode

  3. Paste it in incognito and go to the URL

  4. Allow cookies

  5. Login

  6. Try to record again

8. Flush the cache for the site

You will lose any unsaved progress and need to re-login. or your institution's custom domain, e.g.

9. Disable extensions or whitelist the Eduflow domain on ad blockers

10. Close other tabs are using screen recording or audio

It may be most efficient to close out other tabs, windows, and other browsers to rule out them interfering with recording process. Sometimes it can be a tab you forgot about but left open!

Afterwards refresh or hard refresh.

11. Close other applications that could interfere with recording

Photobooth, Camera, iMovie, WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, Slack.

Check out the task manager to see if any of those processes are lingering in the background and need to be ended.

Afterwards refresh or hard refresh.

12. Restart your device

Sometimes this resets the camera and microphone if it's stuck. It also can reset other processes that can be interfering with the hardware.

13. Try a different browser

Google Chrome - Recommended

14. Try a different computer network

If you are getting stuck in the upload process it may be due to large file on a slower network or something interfering with the connection.

15. Try a different machine

If it's related to the hardware or operating system, this can rule out issues with video recording that may be undiagnosed yet localized to the machine.

16. Delete the attachment and try again

If there is an attachment, click the red trashbin icon on the top right of the recording container. Then pick the upload type again.

17. Delete the attachment and refresh

Same as above, but with a refresh before beginning a new recording.

18. Delete the attachment and hard refresh

Same as above, with a hard fresh instead of a normal refresh.

19. Upload your own video file

See if the submission activity permits File Uploads. If they do, you can record a video on your own device and upload it.

If not, contact your course instructor and ask if they can enable file uploads.

20. Providing error details to tech support

If you encounter behavior not resolvable above, you can report this to the tech team. We are continuously improving compatibility and performance of the video recording tool.

  • URL of where the error is experienced

  • Time and date the issue was encountered

  • Your browser

  • Browser version

  • Operating system

  • Was the bug repeatable or a one-time glitch?

  • Does the problem happen on other devices? Or only under specific conditions?

Repeatable bugs

  • Screen recording (Optional): Screen record a recreation of the issue, if not, provide screenshots

  • Console logs: Have the browser's console open while creating it to track if any warnings are raised:

    Mac: Command+Option+J

    Windows, Linux, ChromeOS: Control+Shift+J

Send the information via intercom (the help icon on the bottom left)

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