Set up a Moodle LTI integration

This article helps IT personnel at an institution to set up the Eduflow LTI integration with Moodle

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Setting up Moodle with Eduflow is as simple as adding an external tool to your site in Moodle.

Having trouble with the size of the iframe in Moodle? Check the section "Iframe size" at the bottom of this article.

Adding Eduflow as an external tool

Inside your Moodle setup, go to Site adminsitration > Plugins > Category: Activity modules > Category: External tool and click on Manage tools.

On the Manage tools page you should click configure a tool manually.

Now you can set up the Eduflow LTI integration by filling out the form with the following information:

  • The Tool name should be Eduflow

  • The Tool description should be "A tool for creating engaging and social learning experiences"

  • The Consumer key and Shared secret should be sent to you by Eduflow support.

  • Custom parameters should be left empty

  • For Tool configuration usage you should select "Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool"

  • We recommend setting the Default launch container to New window.

  • Then click the Show more... link. After this the Icon URL and Secure icon URL fields will appear.

  • Click on Save changes

That's it! All instructors within the institution should now be able to use Eduflow inside Moodle.

Iframe size

If Eduflow appears too small in your Moodle setup, you have three options (besides the default) on what you can do. All these options live under the Default launch container in the settings of the external tool in Eduflow

Here you can choose:

  1. Embed
    This is the default. Depending on your Moodle setup, this may or may not give you Eduflow iframe inside Moodle that is too small.

  2. Embed, without blocks
    This option will still have Eduflow live inside an iframe inside your Moodle setup, but it removes some of the buttons and spacing around the iframe leaving more space for Eduflow

  3. Existing window
    With this option, clicking a Eduflow activity in Moodle take you directly to Eduflow in the same window, replacing . This can make it hard for students and teachers to get back to Moodle, after having used Eduflow. For this reason, we recommend the New window option instead of this one.

  4. New window
    With this option, clicking a Eduflow activity in Moodle opens a new window with Eduflow inside of it. This is the best option in terms of amount of space available, but with a slightly less smooth and integrated experience compared to Embed and Embed, without blocks

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