Eduflow in-app and email notifications

Learn what in-app and email notifications Eduflow sends and how to disable automatic email notifications.

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In the top right corner of Eduflow there's a small bell icon - here you can access our in-app widget showing you a list of notifications. If you or your learners are offline and don't see the notification inside the app, we'll send them via email about 24 hours later.

Currently learners receive the following notifications:

  • Course activity: Course invitation, Activity rules overridden, Upcoming deadline

  • Discussion activity: New reply to a comment, New like for a comment, New likes for a topic, New comment for a topic

  • Review activity: Received review, Deleted review

  • Submission activity: Deleted submission

You can disable all email notifications by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner, click on 'Settings' and adjust your email preference.

After selecting 'Settings' choose 'Never receive any notifications on email'. That will only show you notifications in-app.

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