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Learn how to import your SCORM module and run it inside Eduflow

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SCORM is a software standard that enables you to share e-learning elements between different systems. Eduflow supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.

By importing SCORM packages, you can easily upload and share content that goes beyond the learning activities that are offered in Eduflow. Think of interactive content created with authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, or When you run a SCORM file in Eduflow, learners can interact with it, and their completion data will automatically be saved and stored in your summary page.

How to import your SCORM package

  1. Go to your course and click on the + Add new button in the left side menu. Under Activities, select the SCORM activity and add it to your course.

  2. Use the SCORM activity settings to upload your package.

  3. Wait until your SCORM file has been imported. You can leave the page and come back when it's done.

You can edit your page using the rich-text editor both above and below the frame of your SCORM. From the settings menu, you can change the width of your SCORM module and adjust the aspect ratio.

How the SCORM activity works

Learners will view and interact with your SCORM activity. Their progress will be saved, so when a learner makes progress in a SCORM project but doesn't complete it yet, they will return to the same page that they left on.

It's important to note that instructor and admin accounts do not save SCORM data and their progress will not be saved. Additionally, any changes made by an instructor or admin when impersonating a learner will be saved.

An instructor can view any scores that come from quizzes within the SCORM module on the Scores tab of the Summary page. These scores can be used as an input for a Scoring activity, which can be shown to a learner or used to open other activities with prerequisites.

How a learner completes a SCORM activity in Eduflow

The SCORM activity will automatically be marked as complete in Eduflow for a learner once a learner completes the module. Their completion state will be saved in the Progress tab of your Summary page, and the date and time of completion can be seen on the Metadata tab.

For SCORM 1.2, it's possible to check for completed or passed status. For SCORM 2004, it's possible to check for completed status.

This completion state can also be used to as an input for a Scoring activity, which can be shown to a learner or used to open other activities with prerequisites.

Completion & Visibility settings

You can use completion and visibility settings to add specific rules for who can view and access this activity, including setting deadlines and prerequisites. You can see details about these rules here.

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