SCORM is a software standard that enables you to share e-learning elements between different systems.

By importing SCORM packages, you can easily upload and move around content that goes beyond the learning activities that are offered in Eduflow. Think of interactive content created with tools such as Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate. When you run a SCORM file in Eduflow, learners can interact with it, and their completion data will automatically be saved and stored in your summary page.

How to import your SCORM package

  1. Go to the course where you want to upload your SCORM file and click on the + Add new button in the sidebar. Find the SCORM activity and add it to your course.

  2. Use the SCORM activity settings to upload your package. You can upload additional files, change the view settings (standard vs. wide view). And change the set-up of your common activity settings.

  3. Wait until your SCORM file has been imported, you can leave the page and come back when it's done.

Completion state

The SCORM activity will automatically complete once learners completed the module, and their completion state will be saved in the progress tab of your summary page. This completion state can also be used to compute combined scores as part of the scoring activity, or to open up other activities with prerequisites.

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