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Eduflow integrated with LTI
Eduflow integrated with LTI

How Eduflow integrates with another LMS through LTI and what benefits you get from that.

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Many institutions use multiple platforms to run their learning. While Eduflow can work as a full LMS itself, it is not uncommon to integrate Eduflow into a different LMS.

Eduflow supports integration to an LMS through the LTI standard. We have existing customers using Eduflow with Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, itsLearning, Sakai, Insendi, Intellum, Thought Industries, and other systems.

Why would you integrate Eduflow in your LMS?

The primary reason you want to integrate Eduflow into another LMS is to reduce friction for the learners. The most common reasons are:

  • Users will be able to access Eduflow directly through your LMS. This can either happen by embedding Eduflow inside the LMS or by opening Eduflow in a new window/tab.

  • Users will automatically be authenticated with Eduflow, so they don't need to create and remember a password.

  • It is possible to pass scores back from Eduflow to your LMS through our Grade Passback activity.

The following screenshot shows how it could look when adding Eduflow to Canvas and embedding it in an iFrame. In this case, the screenshot is taken as an instructor, so the interface for learners would be a bit simpler.

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