What's an active user?

Information about how active users are counted in Eduflow

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All plans in Eduflow give access to a certain number of active users per month that can interact with your institution. This article explains how users are counted as active in Eduflow.


A user is considered active for 30 days when they access your institution or receive a notification from our system. After 30 days of not accessing your institution and/or receiving a notification from our system the user automatically becomes inactive.

The Participants page of your institution dashboard shows when users were last active:

Other FAQ

How do I prevent learners from receiving notifications when the course is over?

The easiest way to prevent this is by archiving your course. In this article you can read more about archiving. Archiving a course will make it read-only, but it still allows you and your learners to access data in the course. By archiving a course once it's done, you make sure that learners won't be able to interact with any of the activities beyond seeing existing data.

Is a user counted active multiple times if they are part of multiple courses?

We count user active across your institution, so even if a user is part of multiple courses they will only be counted as active once.

How do I prevent users from accessing my institution after the course is over?
If a user shouldn't access to your institution any longer, it's best to delete them from your institution completely. You can delete user from the Participants tab of your institution dashboard.

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