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Setting up Grade Passback with Eduflow
Setting up Grade Passback with Eduflow

Configure LTI Basic Outcomes for your course

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If you're an instructor and would like to send an outcome back to your LMS, you can create a Grade Passback Activity for your course. Courses connected through supporting LMS installation's are supported.

Learners will have their scores sent back to the LMS as they complete activities and receive reviews.

If you're an IT Admin, you can read more on the LTI Basic Outcomes specification Eduflow supports (PDF).


Step 1: Use scorable rubrics

Eduflow's default review rubric doesn't produce a numeric value. Text-based answers don't impact the score.

This must be configured before reviews are submitted, as the rubric is uneditable afterwards.

Add at least one "Yes / No" or "Scale" question to the review activity's Rubric before reviewing begins.

This can be done by going to the review activity's setting page and editing the Rubric.

Once in the review's settings, click "Edit rubric":

Click "Edit rubric" from the settings page

Click "Add feedback question":

Fill out the question text box and add a "Scale" or "Yes / No" answer type:

What you'll see after saving the question:

You can add multiple score-type questions to your rubric.

Step 2: Add the Grade passback activity

In Eduflow:

  • Add the Grade passback activity through the "Add activity" on the bottom left of the course menu.

  • Once in the add activities page, scroll to "Grade passback" and add the activity:

    If you don't see "Grade passback", your course isn't connected with LTI. Contact the help desk if you need assistance.

  • In the Grade passback's settings, select the activity to send back:

  • After, click "Initiate grade passback":

  • You are now connected!

    Results for learners will be sent back when user's activity (reviewing, altering settings) changes the score.

Step 3: Set up outcomes (vendor specific)

This varies based on the LMS system being used. Your LMS will have documentation for how to configure classes with "outcomes", "grades" or "scores" using LTI 1.1 external tools (the term used varies between LMS systems). If you need assistance please contact the help desk!



Outcomes will automatically show up in "Grades" under the tool's column. Often this will be "Eduflow".


See this post on the Canvas website.

Step 4: Grades sent back when results update

When the activity set in the grade passback's settings is updated, it will send results back to the LMS. This happens when a student edits or submits a review, completes and activity, when an instructor edit or submits an instructor review, when score activity's calculations are updated, and so on.

In the LMS:

Scores show up in the in the LMS, the place and name varies by the LMS system. "Outcomes", "Rubric", "Grades", "Gradebook", "Scores".

Once on the the scores page, scroll to where the output is sent. Sometimes this can the "Eduflow" column, or the name of the LMS activity or gradebook output configured. From there, scroll down the student's result.

In Eduflow:

The grade passback Activity has a log of results sent.

Eduflow's logs will show a decimal fraction of one, so 1 would be 100% on the LMS, .67 would be 67%. Depending on the configuration and capabilities of the LMS, 1 can also mean completed or passed, 0 can mean not completed or failed.


Completion vs Score

Activity completion is whether an activity has been finished or not (Yes or No).

Activity score is for scorable review and reflection activities as well as score activities. It's in the % format. e.g. 23%

Score calculations

Only one grade column can be associated per course per the LTI Basic Outcomes 1.1 specification. As a workaround, you can create a Scoring Activity to return a custom-tailored calculation of the course's results.

In Eduflow:

Click "+ Add activities & Flows" and add a Scoring activity to your course.

Once a scoring activity has been created, add scores for your courses activity through its settings.

Next, open the grade passback activity's settings and select the scoring activity's score. This will send a score back to the course's grade tool when the score is changed.

Access grade passback settings easier

Only one grade passback activity is allowed per course, you can drag it to the top.

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