Setting up a Blackboard integration

A guide for IT personnel to set up the integration between Eduflow and Blackboard

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Setting up Blackboard with Grade Passback? See Setup Checklist for Grade Passback on Blackboard.

From within your Blackboard System Administrator account select System Admin from the navigation bar. Scroll down to the Integrations section and click on LTI Tool Providers.

Select Register Provider Domain from the navigation bar.

Under the heading Provider Domain Status set the Provider Domain to and make sure that Provider Domain Status is set to Approved.

Under the heading Default Configuration set the Default Configuration to Set globally. Set the Tool Provider Key and the Tool Provider Secret which were provided to you by Eduflow. No custom parameters need to be set.

For the Institution Policies set Send User Data to Send user data only over SSL. For the User Fields to Send select Role in Course, Name and Email Address. All other settings can be left as they were.

Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

You should now be back on the LTI Tool Providers page.

Hover with the mouse, and click the small arrow that appears (see screenshot below). Click the arrow, and the click Manage Placements in the menu that pops up

You're now on Manage Placements page. Here you should click Create Placement

For Label choose Eduflow, for Handle choose eduflow-course-tool.

For Availability choose Yes.

For Type:

  • If you are using Grade Passback (or may want to in the future) use Course content Tool and check Allows grading.

  • For all other cases, Course tool works as well.

For all other cases, Course tool works as well.

Make sure that Students is ticked, so that Eduflow will be available to students.

Launch in New Window can be left unchecked, and Icon can also be left blank.

Tool Provider Key and Tool Provider Secret should already be filled out with the information you provided earlier. Leave those fields as is (they're normally locked).

Tool Provider Custom Parameters should be left blank.

Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

You're now done!

Eduflow can be found under "Tools" in any course. We recommend adding it directly to the course menu, such that students and teachers can more easily find and access Eduflow. You can follow the guide on how to do that below.

Optional: Add to menu of courses (course tool only)

Note: For course content tools (including setups using grade passback activities to post grades) this can be skipped.

Go to the System Admin page again, and under Courses click the link Course Settings.

On the Course Settings page click Course Menu and Structures

On the Course Menu and Structures page hover the small "+" (plus-sign) in the Create Default Menu section.

In the menu that pops up, click Tool Link:

In the small modal or window that pops up, there should be the Name, Type, and Available to Users.

In the Name field type Eduflow, in the dropdown next to Type find and click Eduflow.

Make sure Available to Users is ticked.

Then click Submit.

Then You can Add the Tool Link for Eduflow:

Lastly click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Great! When you create courses in Blackboard from now on you will have Eduflow available in the menu for both instructors and students.

For existing courses you can either manually use "Add Tool Link" in the menu inside the course, or use Course Structures. If you are in doubt about how to do that, feel free to write us by using the help chat in the lower right corner.


“The Tool Provider has been disabled by the System Administrator”

See Blackboard's page for "Turn On All The Switches" on

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