Do you want to quiz the knowledge of your learners? This is possible with the Eduflow quiz activity.

How it works

The quiz activity supports the following question types:

  • Multiple choice with one correct answer

  • Multiple choice with multiple correct answers

  • Open-ended questions.

We have also added the option to make any question type optional for learners.

In order to help learners maximize their learning outcomes, you can add a feedback text as description to qualify an answer option once it is chosen by the learner. This way you can let a learner know why an answer was correct or incorrect – or simply add additional information about the chosen answer.

You're able to follow along learners progress in the quiz activity in our results and summery interfaces.

How to set it up

  1. Add the quiz activity to your course

  2. Select 'Create quiz' to create your own quiz

  3. The first question will automatically pop-up in your screen, now it's up to you to add the quiz content.

    You'll have to make a couple decisions:

  4. Should the question be multiple choice, or open-ended?

  5. Should learners select one answer type, or can they choose multiple answers? You can add as many answers as you want, just make sure to select which option(s) are correct.

  6. Should the question be optional or mandatory? If the question should be optional, you can select this in the 'Questions settings' ⚙️

  7. Do you want to keep the same order, or should the answers be randomised? If the answers should be randomised, you can select this in the 'Questions settings' as well.

  8. Do you want to add a help text for learners? If so, select the small text box icon behind each answer type. Here you can write an explanation to let learners know why a choice was correct or incorrect. Or just to explain a bit more about the answer type.

    That's it!

  9. Just continue this process for all other quiz questions.

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