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Visual customization & branding

How to white label and add your logo and visual customizations to your institution and courses

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Aligning your brand with the visual components of your institution pages is an important way to distinguish yourself from others and to reassure participants that they're in the right place. With our visual customization and branding options, you can make Eduflow uniquely yours.

An example institution page with changes to the logos, fonts, and accent colors.

How visual customization & branding works

If you're on a Super plan or higher, you can:

  • Add a big logo to be displayed in the header

  • Add a small logo to be displayed in email invitations and notifications

  • Add a favicon to be displayed in browser tabs

  • Change the font family for your institution

  • Change the accent color for your institution

  • Sharpen or soften the border radius for buttons

These settings will be used throughout your institution pages to provide visual consistency throughout your institution. For theme settings (font, color, and border), you can determine if instructors are allowed to override the theme settings in their own courses.

Institution owners or institution admins have the capability to make changes by going to the Institution dashboard > Settings > Logos & theme.

A screenshot of the Logos & themes settings page where you can upload big logos, small logos, and a favicon.

In Logos, you can upload three types of logos:

  • A big logo will be displayed on the top of every page within your institution in the header.

  • A small logo will appear in emails, including invitations to courses and notifications for learners.

  • A favicon will appear in the browser tab and bookmarks.

Below Logos, you will find the Theme settings, where you can change the font family, the accent color, and the border radius. You can also decide if instructors are allowed to override the theme settings in their courses.

A screenshot of the Theme settings where you can change font family, accent color, and border radius as well as determine if instructors are allowed to override these settings in their courses.

Theme settings will change the visual settings throughout your institution, including

  • The font of menus and activities

  • The highlight color when an activity page is selected

  • Color of icons, such as the course icon, settings icon, and quiz icon

  • The border radius of buttons

You can see an example of these below, where even the + Add new button is displayed in the accent color and with the selected border radius.

A screenshot of a Quiz activity that shows the new font family in the menu and content, the accent color highlight in the menu, and the change of color in icons.

Recall the option to allow instructors to override the institution theme within their courses in the Theme settings. If this is enabled, a custom theme for each course can be created by the course instructor, and they are not required to keep the institution theme in their courses. Instructors can find the custom course theming options in Course settings in the context menu near the title of the course.

A screenshot of the course settings found in the context menu where instructors can customize their course theming if the institution has allowed it.

With the Pro plan and higher, it's possible to fully white label your course with custom domain and custom code.

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