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How to add, edit and remove activity cover photos
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Adding visual aids in your material can have a positive effect on the learning experience [1]. It helps learners create a context for the activity they're about to engage with and also helps better recollect information and navigate the course. And it's fun!

Screenshot of Eduflow with an activity cover photo

How to add a cover photo to an activity

Zoomed in Eduflow interface showing the 'add cover photo' button
  1. Above the activity title, click the Add cover photo button.

  2. A random cover photo has now been added at the top of the activity.

  3. Use one of the 4 options to select your cover photo:
    – Search through Unsplash
    – Upload your own image file (dimensions for cover photos are 848 x 240)
    – Link to an image file online
    – Shuffle through random photos until you find the right one!

How to edit or remove a cover photo from an activity

  1. Hover over the cover image with your cursor.

  2. To edit the cover photo, click the Edit button.

  3. To remove the cover photo, click the Remove button.

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