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How to add your group members and submit as a group
How to add your group members and submit as a group

How learners can create and edit group and submit a group submission

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Part 1. Add your group members

  1. Go to the group formation activity.

  2. Do you already see you group members listed here? Your instructor already set up the groups on your behalf. No need to do anything here, just continue to part 2. Submit on behalf of a group.

  3. Select you group members from the drop down menu

  4. Double check if everyone that's listed should be part of your group or if you're missing group members. Not able to find all your group members here? Please scroll down to the 'Missing group members' section in this article.

  5. When you're good to go, click Submit.

  6. Once submitted, the group formation activity automatically completes for all group members.

Part 2. Submit as a group

When submitting as a group only 1 person needs to submit for the group.

  1. Go to the submission activity

  2. Select your submission type (e.g. file, link, record a video), upload your submission and click on Submit.

  3. That's it, you now submitted on behalf of your group.

  4. Once submitted, the submission activity automatically complets for all group members.

Missing group members

Are you missing any of your group members in the drop down menu? This can happen when some of your group members are not part of the course yet. If a group members is missing from the list, simply ask them to make sure to join the course, so they will be available in the list.

Wrong group members

Have you added a wrong person to your group by accident? If you are able to edit the group formation activity, simply press edit and remove the group member that does not belong in your group. If you cannot edit the group formation activity, please reach out to your instructor to let them know someone needs to be removed from your group.

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