With the group formation activity you can let students submit their work as part of a group.

How it works

You can decide if students are allowed to create their groups themselves or if the instructor creates groups beforehand. When the groups are created, the first student who is ready to submit will submit on behalf of the group.


The activity is completed when students created their group or when an instructor has created groups on behalf of students.

What activities can connect to the group formation activity

  • Directly: Submission (submit as a group)

  • Indirectly: Peer review connected to a group submission (individual review of another group submission)

  • Indirectly: Instructor review connected to a group submission (review a group submission)

How to set up the group formation activity

  • To add a new group formation activity to your course, select 'add activities & flows'.

  • Give your group formation activity a title and a description.

  • Decide if students should create the groups themselves or if the instructor will create the groups

  • If you've not done so yet, add a submission activity to your course that will be connected to the group formation activity.

  • Go to the settings tab of the submission activity

  • Enable group submission

  • Select inherit groups from the group formation you just created.

  • Alternatively, you can turn things around. Start with adding a submission activity, enable group submission, and select Create & inherit from new group formation activity.

Instructor creates groups

  1. Select instructor creates groups

  2. Click 'manage groups'

  3. Select 'new group'

  4. Add group members from the participants list

  5. All done! Students are now able to submit as a group.

Students create their own groups

  1. Select students create groups

  2. Decide on the group size

  3. That's it! Students are now able to select their group members and submit as a group.

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