Each activity has a text field where you can describe what the activity is about. This will be shown to your learners when they are looking at the activity. As well as text, files, images, media embeds and tables can be added to activity descriptions. The text you are reading right now is the activity description for this content activity you're reading right now.

Common Activity Settings

  • Prerequisites

  • Show activity content if the activity is locked

  • Assign activity to a subset of learners

  • Hide activity from learners

  • Opens at & deadline

Deadlines and Prerequisites

For every activity in your course it is possible to specify when students can access and interact with it.

  • One way you can do this is by specifying other activities that have to be completed first – we call these 🔏 prerequisites.

  • Another way is to set deadlines that determine when the activity opens and closes 🗓.

Each activity can have multiple dependencies and you can combine deadlines and prerequisites to make more complex learning flows.

The above screenshot is an example where the activity will only be open to students before the 10th of October 2019 at 13:20, and when they have already completed the 'Submit your work' activity.

Show activity content if the activity is locked

If your activity is locked, the content is by default hidden as well. You change this switching the toggled labelled 'Show description & attachments if the activity is locked or overdue'. This means that even if the activity is locked, learners will still be able to see it's content.

Assign activity to subset of learners

With this setting, you can make sure certain content will only be visible by a subset of learners. You can assign learners manually or use tags to assign groups of learners.

Hide activity from learners

Some activities might not be meant for the learners to see (yet). In that case you can hide them. When an activity is hidden, students can't see it, but it can still be a requirement for other activities in the course, such as an instructor review activity for example.

Students can or cannot make edits

In activities where students are asked to submit something (submission, peer review, select a tag) you can also determine if students can make edits once they submitted it.

When you select that students cannot edit their submission after submitting, their hand-in will be final and cannot be edited. If they do need to make any changes after submitting, they will need to get in touch with you.

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