Do you want to share an interactive video experience with your learners, directly from within Eduflow? This is possible with the HapYak activity.

🧐 How it works

With the HapYak activity you can show interactive learning content to you learners. Think of videos with integrated quizzes, chapters, or links. For inspiration you can have a look at HapYak's interactive gallery or at this example here.

✅ Completion

Learners can mark the activity as complete when they interacted with the HapYak video.

🏗 How to set it up

  1. Add the HapYak activity to your course

  2. Go to the settings tab of the activity and write a description for your learners so they know what to expect.

  3. Sign in to your HapYak account to create or find an existing HapYak project.

  4. Select share, choose HapYak wrapper, and copy the embed code.

  5. Paste the embed code to the HapYak activity in Eduflow.

  6. To learn more about the different set-up options you can find in the settings tab of the HapYak activity, please have a look at this article here.

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