Besides of having learner take part in a peer review session or giving them instructor feedback, you can also choose to let learners review their own work or skillset. Why would you do this? 🤔

Well, plenty of research (such as this one) shows that asking learners to go through a process of reviewing their own work is beneficial for their learning process and leads to a deeper understanding of the studied topic.

🧐 How it works

When you add a self review activity to your course, your learners are able to review their own submission or themselves (think of assessing their own skill level before and after taking part in a course).

✅ Completion

Learners complete the self review activity by answering the question in the feedback rubric.

🏗 How to set it up

  1. Add the self review activity to your course

  2. Go to the settings tab of the activity and write a description for your learners so they know what to expect.

  3. By default the self review activity is not connected to a source (a submission activity). Should learners review their own submission? Make sure to select the submission activity as a source here. Should learners review themselves instead of their submission? Just leave the toggle off.

  4. Set up the feedback rubric questions (Want to learn more about feedback rubrics, click here).

  5. To learn more about the different set-up options you can find in the settings tab of the self review activity, please have a look at this article here.

💡 User tip

The quickest way to add a submission self review assignment to your course, is by adding the self review flow. Select Add activities & flows, scroll down and you'll find the self review flow. Add it to your course with one click, and you're ready go live.

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