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Zoom meeting activity
Zoom meeting activity

How to set up and use the Zoom meeting activity

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The Zoom meeting activity lets instructors easily share a Zoom meeting that makes it easy for learners and instructors to join the meeting directly from Eduflow.

How it works

Sign in to your Zoom account to create or schedule a meeting. Copy and enter the invite link in the Zoom activity on Eduflow. Now, learners can see the time and date of your scheduled meeting and use the link to join the Zoom meeting.

What learners see

The Zoom meeting activity will become completed when the learners click the 'Mark as complete' button on the activity. Note that Eduflow does not count attendance in Zoom.

Completion & Visibility settings

You can use completion and visibility settings to add specific rules for who can view and access this activity, including setting deadlines and prerequisites. You can see details about these rules here.

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