The task of making something is one of the most effective ways to learn. Use the submission activity to engage your learners in the art of creation 👩‍🎨.

Adding a submission activity is a fast way to make your course engaging, and letting learners apply their knowledge by submitting their own work is a perfect way to teach deeper skills.

Submission types

With the submission activity, you have a wide range of options for collecting work. We currently support the following submission types:

  • 📝 Text

  • 🖼 Images

  • 📎 Files

  • 🔗 Links

  • 📹 Video submissions

  • 📂 Uploads from Google drive

  • 🖥 Screen recordings

You can control what submission types your learners are able to submit from the activity settings page. Here, you will also be able to control whether learners can submit 1 or multiple attachments.


Learners automatically complete the submission activity when they submitted their

work. Simple as that!

Viewing learner submissions

From the submission activity, click the View submissions button. Here, you'll see a list of all your learners and if they have submitted work. Click to select a learner and see their work. You can also see who has completed the submission activity in the Summary page.

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