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How to use the content activity

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A Content activity is the simplest, yet most used learning activity. Sometimes the best way to teach something is by simply having learners spend time listening, reading or watching.

In a Content activity, you can show any type of content to your learners, including:

  • A welcome message

  • Text content

  • Bullets, lists, and tables

  • Collapsible sections

  • Images

  • Links

  • GIFs

  • Videos

  • File attachments

  • Math text and equations

  • Stylized code languages

These options are all possible within the rich-text editor in the Content activity.

How learners complete a Content activity

Learners can review your content, and when they're done, they can mark the activity as complete at the bottom of the page.

When learners mark an activity as complete, they will see a green check mark appear in the course sidebar next tp the title of the activity. They will also see a notice that they completed the activity at the top of the page, and the button to the next activity will highlight with your accent color.

Instructors can keep track of learner progress on all activities from the Summary page.

💡 Tip: Consider including more interactive & engaging learning activities before and/or after a content activity. When you ask learners to reflect on the content or produce something to demonstrate their learning, you can maximize the opportunity for learning. This could be a written reflection, a question in a quiz or poll, or a discussion with other course participants. See our collection of possible activities here.

Style Guide

We've developed a few style guides in our Cohort-Based Course Template. You can add this template to your courses and use this template to develop ideas about how to display your content best. You can even duplicate the activity page to your own course.

Completion & Visibility settings

You can use completion and visibility settings to add specific rules for who can view and access this activity, including setting deadlines and prerequisites. You can see details about these rules here.

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