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What does "Unassigned" mean?
What does "Unassigned" mean?

An explanation of what Unassigned means in the peer review results page.

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When you are looking at the Results page for a Peer Review activity you might notice that some learners have a review labelled "Unassigned".

This means that the reviewer (in this case David) has not yet been assigned a submission to review. The reviewer will be allocated to a submission when they navigate to the peer review activity and click "Review now". At that point Eduflow's allocation algorithm will find a submission they are eligible to review and assign them.

After the submission has been allocated the Results page will show the following:

This shows that David has been allocated to review the submission by Simon, but that the review is still in draft mode (not submitted yet). Notice that the second peer review David is supposed to make is still marked as "Unassigned" since that will not be allocated until the first review is submitted.

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