When you want to know something about the progress of your learners, what they have completed, how they scored or similar - then the Summary page is probably where you should be. It is also the place where you can change rules for individual learners and it can be exported into CSV and Excel.

The Summary page has a table with a row for each learner. The columns of the table depends on which view you are looking at.

The Progress view

In the Progress view you will see a column for each activity in your course. Each cell in the table will show the state of that learner on that activity. Common states are "Not completed yet", "Locked", "Complete", "Overdue".

The Scores view

In the Scores view you will see columns for each score in your course. Examples of scores are the quality of a submission based on a peer review activity or the result of a self-review activity. Each score is between 0% and 100% and you will see "None" if a learner does not have a score for a specific activity.

The Metadata view

In the Metadata view you will see a column for each piece of metadata stored about your learners in the different activities. Examples of metadata are the file size of a submission, the number of words written in a peer review activity, the number of completed reflections in a feedback reflection activity eg.

Other things you can do on Summary

⬇️ If you want to download the data on the Summary page, then read this article: How to export course data.

⚡️ If you want to change prerequisites or deadlines for an individual learner then check this article: Deadline extensions & settings override.

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