It is common that instructors want to manually determine which students will be assigned to review each other in the peer review activity. In Eduflow, you can't directly specify which students review each other, but you can control it using tags.

The idea is that you create a set of tags in your course, and assign tags to students. In the peer review activity you specify either that students should only review other students with the same tags or only those with different tags.

In the peer review activity you can choose to use "Custom allocation" which will allow you to specify rules for how students are allocated to review each other.

To explain the different ways to allocate students this way we will use a few examples of how it can be set up for different use-cases.

Example 1: Students review each other in groups of 3

You have students Alice, Bob, Charlie, Diana, Emily and Ferdinand. You want to ensure that Alice, Bob and Charlie review each other, and that Diana, Emily and Ferdinand review each other.

To achieve this, create two tags "Tag 1" and "Tag 2". Assign "Tag 1" to Alice, Bob and Charlie. Assign "Tag 2" to Diana, Emily and Ferdinand. In the peer review activity, set up the custom allocation like this:

Example 2: Students don't review people with the same topic

You have students Alice, Bob, Charlie, Diana, Emily and Ferdinand. Alice, Bob and Charlie wrote a paper about Science and Diana, Emily and Ferdinand wrote a paper about History. You don't want ensure that your students review submissions about something else than their own topic.

To achieve this tag students with their topic (you can do this manually, or you can use a "Select a Tag" activity). Then specify that students should not be allowed to review other with the same tags.

Example 3: Students should review exactly one submission from each topic

This is a slightly more complex example.

You have students Alice, Bob, Charlie, Diana, Emily, Ferdinand, George, Hannibal, Ian, Joe and Kate. The students are working on different topics:

  • History: Alice & Bob
  • Science: Charlie & Diana
  • Religion: Emily & Ferdinand
  • Politics: George & Hannibal
  • Math: Ian & Joe & Kate

You want each student to peer review 2 submissions. You don't want them to review anything in the same topic as their own. You also don't want them to review multiple things from the same topic.

To achieve this, you have to set up the custom rules a bit more manually. One way to achieve it is to create the following tags:

  • Topic - History: Alice, Bob
  • Topic - Science: Charlie, Diana
  • Topic - Religion: Emily, Ferdinand
  • Topic - Politics: George, Hannibal
  • Topic - Math: Ian, Joe, Kate
  • Review group 1: Alice, Charlie, Ian, Hannibal
  • Review group 2: Diana, Ferdinand, Joe
  • Review group 3: Bob, Emily, Kate, George

and then set up the peer review like this:

The first rule ensures that students are not allowed to review other students with the same topic. The second rule (which is the complex one) ensures that students are not allocated to two peers writing about the same topic.

Example 4: Your novel setup 😅

If you read this far and can't figure out how to set up tags to solve your specific situation, reach out on support. Maybe we can help and then it can become a new example or maybe it can't be set up exactly how you want it to be but then we can offer an alternative strategy.

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