If you're from a US school district

Many US school districts have an IT policy saying that learners are not allowed to receive emails from outside the school district. If you want your learners to receive emails from Eduflow, contact the IT department of your school district and send them to this page.

If you are from the IT department go to the section "Unblocking or whitelisting emails from Eduflow" on this page.

Unblocking or whitelisting emails from Eduflow

Emails sent by Eduflow use the following "From", "Reply-To", and "Return-Path" fields:

from: Eduflow <[email protected]>
reply-to: [email protected]
return-path: [email protected]

Note: "Return-Path" is also known as "Envelope-From".

If your system whitelists based on the domain, you should whitelist the following domains:


If your system whitelists based on the full email address, you should whitelist the following email addresses:

If you block email based on the sender IP address, you'll need to unblock or whitelist the IP addresses listed under "Outbound SMTP Servers" on this page:

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