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How to view learner output (submission, review, and reflection results)
How to view learner output (submission, review, and reflection results)
Explains the submission, review, and reflection data that is displayed on the results page
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When your learners produce things in your course, such as submissions, reviews, and reflections, you often need to look at it yourself. In this article we explain where you can find this data, and how to optimise your result viewer interface.

Where to find the learner submissions

The submissions (sometimes called handins) from your learners will appear at the bottom of each submission or review activity.

Whenever you click on a submission, review, or reflection at the bottom of an activity, you will always be redirected to the results page. The results page will give you an overview of all the submissions, reviews, and reflections that are created during the activities that connect to each other.

Filtering and sorting

The result viewer interface makes it possible to filter and sort learner results by attributes, including tags, date and time, status and quality. You can decide what results to view by choosing what attributes should be displayed in the sidebar of the result view interface for any activity.

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