Students can see the feedback they received (from their peers or from an instructor) when the review activity is connected to a so-called Feedback reflection activity.

When you make use of one of the predesigned review flows we will automatically connect a Feedback Reflection activity to a Review activity. You can find these predesigned flows at the bottom of the flows & activities page.

How to add a reflection activity to your course

  1. Go to 'Add activities & flows'
  2. Select 'Advanced activities'
  3. Scroll down until you find the Feedback Reflection activity and add it to your course
  4. Rename the reflection activity and make sure it's connected to the correct peer or instructor review activity.
  5. Decide if you want to make use of the Feedback Reflection Rubric or if you would like to turn this off. If you turn the reflection rubric off, students can simply mark their received feedback as completed once they have read it.
  6. Done! Your students can now reflect on the feedback they received.

If you have a review activity in your course that is not connected to a reflection activity, we will show you this pop-up:

But don't worry! You can connect a reflection activity to a review activity at any time. No matter if students already received feedback or not.

Do you want the reflection activity to open after students completed their peer review activity, or do you want to show students their received feedback all at the same time? You can specify when the feedback should be visible - with open dates and deadline or based on completion of other activities, with the help of prerequisites.

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