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What type of files can learners upload?
What type of files can learners upload?

Learn which files are accepted by Eduflow

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When you are creating an assignment you can choose to have learners submit different files and/or links.

File types include: Videos, Audio, Slideshows, Images, Spreadsheets, Word files, PDF, Python, TI-Nspire, Zip

Links: Any type of links can be uploaded including GoogleDocs and Youtube.

Google Drive: Learners can connect to their Google Drive and upload files directly from there.

Text: Learners can type their assignment directly into the Eduflow text editor.

Video Recording: Learners can record videos directly in Eduflow to submit. You can even determine the maximum length of the video attachment in minutes.

Screen cast: Let your learners record a screen cast from within Eduflow.

Webcam: Learners can upload a webcam video directly from Eduflow.

Note: By default learners can only submit one link or fill. In the activity settings of the submission activity you can allow for multiple attachments.

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