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Adjust individual learner settings and rules
Adjust individual learner settings and rules

How to override deadlines, remove prerequisites, and adjust rules for individual learners

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Instructors can adjust activity settings for individual learners. This is helpful if instructors want to give a learner extra time to complete an activity or let a learner skip past prior activities that no longer are relevant to them.

Reasons to adjust an individual learner's settings

  • Extend a deadline so learners can submit late if they missed a deadline

  • Remove a deadline so learners can submit anytime, even after the deadline has passed

  • Remove a prerequisite rule so learners can skip a previous activity that no longer applies to them

  • Remove an opens at or reveals at date & time so learners can get access to complete an activity early

How to adjust individual learner settings for an activity

  1. Go to the Summary page in the course and choose the Progress view.

  2. Find the row for the learner or learners that you want to adjust settings for. You might use the search feature or filter by tags.

  3. Find the column for the activity title that you want to adjust. Note that you can toggle on and off the columns for activities in your course by selecting Columns.

  4. Click on the cell that aligns to the learner and the activity with the setting that you want to adjust, and a slide in menu will appear.

  5. Any completion or visibility rules will appear, and you can make the change you want.

  6. After you save, you'll notice a small lightning symbol ⚡️ next to this cell, which indicates that the settings for this individual have been adjusted.

Example 1: Extending a deadline

Example 2: Removing a prerequisite to unlock an activity

Completion & Visibility: Activity settings & rules

Want to adjust settings for all learners instead? You can use completion and visibility settings to adjust specific rules for all learners. You can determine if everyone can view and access each activity, make changes to deadlines and prerequisites, and more. You can see details about these rules here.

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