Having a course is no fun without learners. Luckily, there are multiple ways to invite them to your course 📩

When you're in your course you can find the Participants page on the top right corner of your screen. This is where you can invite learners to your course. When you've invited participants to your course they will be listed on the participants page.

You can invite participants in different ways.

By sharing a link

Share the course link (private or public) that's showing at the top left of the participants page. Via that link learners can join your course. Learners can use an existing account or create a new account if it's their first time using Eduflow.

  • Enrolling with a private course link
    If you set the Course Link option to be private, you get a link that you can share with learners. If they go to that link they are able to join your course all by themselves.

  • Public Course Link
    If you set the course link option to be public, then we make a really nice landing page for your course that you can share publicly and through which learners can enrol as well.

By email invitation (available on our Lite, Pro, or Premium plan)

  • Add learners one by one, by clicking on Invite participants (Only available on our Lite, Pro, or Premium plans)

  • Bulk import learners using a .csv file by clicking on Invite participants then selecting the File import tab. The .csv file must be formatted correctly: Firstname Lastname, [email protected].

  • Copy & Paste a list by clicking on Invite participants and then click on Copy & Paste. Copy and paste a list of learners using the correct format into the box. Each line should read: Firstname Lastname, [email protected]

Please note: Learners must receive an email to access the course.

Sending Email Invites:

When inviting learners you can choose to send email invitations now or later. If you want to send email invitations later, select the later option when adding participants to your course. When it's time to send the email invitation you can send invites to invite all learners at once. If you want to send the email invitation individually, click on the 3 dots next a learners name and click send invite to that specific learner.

Editing the Participants List

To edit participant details, locate the participant on the list and click the 3 dots to the right of the learners status. Options will open to send the individual email invitation, to edit participant (name), add a tag, login as or remove the learner.

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