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How to create and edit a reflection rubric
How to create and edit a reflection rubric

Learn how to turn off or change the questions of the reflection rubric in Eduflow

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In order for learners to see the feedback they have received from their peers, or from an instructor, the review activity has to connect to a reflection activity.

When using a feedback reflection activity, you can either ask learners to simply mark that they have reflected on their feedback, or you can specify a reflection rubric in order to help learners through a more guided reflection process.

By default learners are asked only three questions for feedback reflections with an additional optional text response. These questions can be edited.

The default questions are:

What did you learn from the feedback you received?

  • Text answer

How do you plan on using that feedback to improve?

  • Text answer

How useful is the feedback?

  • Not useful at all.

  • Not very useful.

  • Somewhat useful. Could be more elaborate.

  • Very useful. Minor things could be better.

  • Extremely useful.

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