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How to add and edit video activities

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The video activity is the simplest way to share a video with your learners.

How it works

To add a video activity, go to Add activities & flows and select the video activity. Here you can paste a link to videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Loom, Edpuzzle, Wistia and DailyMotion, or upload a video from your own device.

If you upload a video from your own device, you are also able to upload captions and subtitles in .vtt file format. Learn more about the Web Video Text Tracks Format (WebVTT) on Mozilla Developer Network.

Give the video a title and description, and you're good to go!

What it looks like for learners

If you just want to show a video, the dedicated video activity works well because:

  • 📤 It allows you to upload a video file to Eduflow

  • 📺 It gives the video more space on the screen

  • ⏰ It saves the progress for learners so they can pause and come back later

  • ✅ It automatically completes when a learner has watched 90% of the video

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