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How to create and edit a feedback rubric
How to create and edit a feedback rubric

Learn how to create a Feedback Rubric in Eduflow

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The feedback rubric is used in review activities, including the Instructor review, the Peer review, and the Self review activities. The questions you create in the feedback rubric are the questions that will be answered by the reviewer during the review activity.

How to edit the feedback rubric

To edit a rubric, go to the specific activity, open the activity settings and select Edit feedback rubric.

You will see the rubric, where you can review the questions, add new questions, and edit questions.

Adding new questions

To create a question, click on the Add new button at the bottom of the page or click on the buttons with a plus (+) between questions. You can select the question type between Text, Number scale, Video, Text scale, Yes / No or Info block.

Editing questions

To edit a question, click on it. When you click on a question, the question box will enter edit mode and you can change the question content, question type, and settings. For each question type, there are specific settings relevant to it.

When you click outside the question, it will revert to preview mode, so you can see how the question will appear in the rubric.

Changing the order of questions

You can move questions by clicking on the icon on the left of each question and drag and drop the question above or below other questions.

Replacing questions

You can replace all of the questions in your rubric with the questions from another review activity in one of your courses by clicking on the Replace questions button at the top of the page. Select the course and the activity from which you want to copy the rubric. Note that this will replace all of the questions in your current rubric.

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