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Creating a section or flow
Creating a section or flow

Create a flow to organize your activities into different sections

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To make the organization of courses easier, you can group activities into sections. In Eduflow, these sections are called "Flows". You can think of a flow as a folder, module, or grouping of activities.

Add flows

The option to add flows is in the same place as the activities. To add a flow, select the blue + Add new button.

Navigate to flows by selecting Flows on the top menu, scrolling down to see the Flows menu, or selecting the +Empty flow shortcut on the top right. Using these options, you'll have the choice to add an empty flow or add a prebuilt flow.

Adding an empty flow will allow you to select the activities that belong in the flow and arrange them in an order that best aligns with your design of the learning experience. To do this, click the button + Empty flow on the top right corner of the activities page. There's also an option to add an empty flow on the bottom of the list of Flows.

After adding an empty flow, you can add the activities you would like to include. You can add new activities or drag and drop activities from the left side menu to achieve your desired order.

Title page of a flow

Instructors can manage flow settings and see an overview of their flow from the title of the flow. Note that learners will not see this page - this is solely for the instructor to organize the learning journey and change settings for the entire flow.

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